Monday, 3 June 2013

Exquisite Lines


  1. The Artist's Duty

    So it is the duty of the artist to discourage all traces of shame
    To extend all boundaries
    To fog them in right over the plate
    To kill only what is ridiculous
    To establish problem
    To ignore solutions
    To listen to no one
    To omit nothing
    To contradict everything
    To generate the free brain
    To bear no cross
    To take part in no crucifixion
    To tinkle a warning when mankind strays
    To explode upon all parties
    To wound deeper than the soldier
    To heal this poor obstinate monkey once and for all

    To verify the irrational
    To exaggerate all things
    To inhibit everyone
    To lubricate each proportion
    To experience only experience

    To set a flame in the high air
    To exclaim at the commonplace alone
    To cause the unseen eyes to open

    To admire only the abrsurd
    To be concerned with every profession save his own
    To raise a fortuitous stink on the boulevards of truth and beauty
    To desire an electrifiable intercourse with a female alligator
    To lift the flesh above the suffering
    To forgive the beautiful its disconsolate deceit

    To flash his vengeful badge at every abyss


    It is the artist’s duty to be alive
    To drag people into glittering occupations

    To blush perpetually in gaping innocence
    To drift happily through the ruined race-intelligence
    To burrow beneath the subconscious
    To defend the unreal at the cost of his reason
    To obey each outrageous inpulse
    To commit his company to all enchantments.

    Kenneth Patchen

    1. m beginning to understand why you're into Patchen